My Name is Stavroula

When you meet me
when you see-hear-say my name
I want you to know:
the assimilation was incomplete.

Nazis killed ma’s grandpa,
burned the village to the ground.

Dad was born in the USSR,
partisan parents exiled.

The migration of defeat:
Chase American (-Backed Junta) (Day-) Dream.

Middle class home with
picket fence
and a spit.

Middle child left home and
found it all over again.

What’s in a name?
A history bittersweet
of a struggle for dignity
in word and in deed.



I feel truth in my bones
at the base
of my being.
It boils in the marrow
and bends in the base pairs
of my DNA.
It dances in the vessels
that carry my heartbeat
along an ancient river
of brilliant blue blood.

But it’s only acknowledged
when it spills red
or black-and-white.

External validation.
Human interpretation.

Truth throbs on the tip of my tongue
every second of the day
but only once in a while
does it escape from my lips
onto the contrived soundwaves
projected through my breath.

I can see it in the patterns
branded on my fingertips,
though sometimes it feels like
I’m smothering those swirls
beneath the pounding of frantic keystrokes
desperate to transmit.

There is truth.
There is mind.
There is body
as conduit.

Ignorance is Bliss

Especially when the truth is:

Your government is lying to you.
Your government is stealing from you.
Your government is the most powerful terrorist organization to ever exist.
You are an accomplice to the murder of millions of innocent lives.
Without these deaths, you would not have your comfortable life.
Yes, that is blood money multiplying in your bank account,
an indirect transfer of responsibility for a proportional amount
of the pain and suffering endured by those whose lives were sacrificed
at the altar of man’s most brutal quest for Empire.

Living in the belly of the beast, there’s no reprieve from this.

I know the truth.
So I can never know of bliss.

Video: Performance of “Hear No Evil”

Hi all! I wanted to share with you the video of my performance last Friday: “Hear No Evil” by Stavroula Harissis

Thanks again to World Can’t Wait and all who helped put this event together! It was truly an amazing night. I am honored to have been a part of it.