Every Day

I think it’s silly that
in a world where
every day
people die senselessly
and suffer needlessly

we are afraid of

afraid to love
lest it be unreciprocated
or ill-fated,
truncated by circumstance
or fickle tides

afraid that love
is not what it seems
or does not exist at all,
merely desire masked by delusion
wrapped in egotistical empathy
delivered to broken doorsteps by false prophets.

And so what?

We live in a world where
every day
people die senselessly
and suffer needlessly.

The cruelty of the world
breaks my heart in a million ways
every day.

Why, today,
should I be afraid
to love?


When you realize the depths of their depravity
that weight replaces the force of gravity
so that walking through life
is no longer an act of physics
but rather a psychic maze
of unhinged reality.

Serving 30 Years to Life

My body
is a prison
an innocent soul
on the means of survival
imposed by this sick society.

And I don’t want it anymore.

I don’t want this skeleton.
I don’t want these muscles and organs that keep it together.
I’m tired of trying to keep it together.

I am so tired
of trying to find ways to cope
with an illness that has an obvious cure.

But they withhold it
and shove pills down my throat instead
so that my body stays alive
while my soul’s as good as dead.

Still, you can hear the agony
radiating from my eyes
and see the fever
emanating from my skin.

I am not this body.
I am not this prison.

I am the soul
withering within.

©2013, Stavroula Harissis