Enraged neurons
fire too quickly passed
Broca’s & Wernicke’s
leaving me limp
and languageless
in the limbo between
Sensory & Motor
pulling me deeper
into the Plato’s Cave
of my psyche
where shadows incite me
to lash out
at phantoms
but not blameless
for the torture
of innocents
shackled to my brain stem
with so many things to say
but no words
to convey them.


4 thoughts on “Aphasia

  1. Thank you for writing this — so moving. My seven year-old has acquired absolute global aphasia — none of us know how his brain processes information. Reading your poem is what I imagine it must be like for him. Frustrating.

    • Thank you, I am humbled by your comment. Actually, it makes me feel somewhat guilty because I do not have clinical aphasia; I used the word more metaphorically. However, I am struggling with other mental illness and medication that impacts my ability to communicate and think clearly at times. So maybe what I experience episodically is akin to what your son experiences constantly, on some level. Or maybe not. It does seem to me, though, that most psychological illnesses are just extreme manifestations of normal variations in human behavior. In any case, I’m glad that you appreciated the poem.

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